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  1. Praise the Lord! God bless you, sister Reinke! What a powerful woman of the Most High God! What a beautiful and embracing message, words cannot fully express the thankfulness and appreciating when He lets us children know that he hasn’t forgotten about them, showing his Love to them in many Miraculous ways. Just when you feel like God has given up on you, he draws close to you, even when you know you aren’t worthy, having lived in disobedience, in a rebellious state of mind and flesh.

    My ❤️ heart truly loves Jesus, but the stumbling blocks in which I sought after, allowing them to stand in between the relationship me and Jesus has has come to an end, by His Divine Anointed Power, breaking, destroying the shackles, bondages of sin, sprouting out and about new life in Him, the Only Eternal Holy One, the Giver of Eternal life. Hallelujah Jesus, for he is worthy to be Praised, Glorified and Magnified all the day, all the night long.

    Thank you, for sharing sister Reinke! As I mentioned, you are a sincere, true and priceless heavenly gem in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, making an impact through and under his Anointing, impacting the lives of many who do not know what they need until the Lord speaks it forth. God bless you, love you sister and may the Lord use you in many, new ways in Him, all for his Glory, edifying the Kingdom of God!️


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