God is Speaking Loud and Clear!


Some of you may remember the Word I shared just a few days, about a momentous wind!

Please please take just 5 minutes to listen to the attached word that Chuck Pierce gave yesterday.

Now as I listened to Chuck, what really stood out to me was when god spoke about having held back his winds for “8 years.”  Immediately when I heard those words the Spirit spoke to me and said, “Daughter this is the momentous wind of My fire and glory that is now bringing forth new life and new beginnings for My people”!

A Momentous Wind Now Moves Upon the Earth! Posted on Sunday 16th October 2016.

“A Momentous Wind is Now Moving Upon the Earth!”

During early worship this morning, my spirit was suddenly caught up and captivated by the sound of angels singing in one accord and with a loud voice, “These are the days of Elijah, the fire of His Glory draws nigh.  Heaven is now touching earth.”

As I listened, suddenly a mighty whirlwind of fire came out of the heavens and began to move upon the earth.  Now as I looked upon the whirlwind, I saw the words “A momentous wind now brings momentous movement and change,”  then I heard the Spirit say,

“I AM now releasing a momentous wind upon the earth, that will activate My anointed, and advance and accelerate My Kingdom plans and purposes in this hour.

No longer shall My truth and justice be delayed.  No longer shall victory tarry, but now the fire and power of My glory shall come forth and prevail over the powers of darkness and defeat,”  says God.

Momentous meaning; important, significant, epoch-making, historic, apocalyptic, headline, portentous, critical, crucial, vital, life-and-death, decisive, pivotal, serious, grave, weighty, consequential, big, great, far-reaching, of importance, of moment, of significance, of consequence; earth-shaking, earth-shattering, world-shaking, world-shattering;  ‘A momentous decision.’  (© Oxford Dictionaries. Com.)

Please also see the Word I gave recently:

Extract of “A Word of Change and Caution for America!‘  posted on the 14th October 2016.

In this extract I spoke of the significance of the number 8!

Number 8:  The day of the presidential election is on the 8th November 2016. (8) (11) (2016).First off:   Deuteronomy 8. which was quickened to me talks of God’s  “promise of new beginnings, new life, a new land of abundance, overflow and increase, it talks of a mighty deliverance, great victory over the enemy and a caution to always remember his covenant.”


Eight: sh’moneh in Hebrew, from the root shah’meyn  “To make fat” or “To cover with fat” which means to super-abound.  There are seven days in a week; the 8th day is the beginning of a new series of days.

Eight (8) is the number of salvation and resurrection.
Everything that has a ‘new beginning’ in the bible has the number eight associated with it. Eight is the personal number of Jesus.

Eight also represents invincible grace, divine assurance, rising and walking on resurrection ground, new birth/regeneration, new opportunities and new possibilities.

The number eight (8) means circumcision: which is the sign of God’s covenant!  The historic church associated the number (8) with the entrance into the covenant of God.  This understanding comes from God himself who commanded circumcision – the sign of the covenant – to be performed on the eighth day.  God used the same language – אות ברית (ot b’rit, sign of the covenant) – when he gave the rainbow  (Genesis 9.13):

“I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.”

The word “Rainbow” (קשת, qeshet) which used in this verse above sums to the number 800 which also is the value of the greek words “Lord” and “Faith.”

The Greek letters for ‘Jesus’ makes the numbers 888.  It, or its multiple is impressed on all that has to do with the LORD’s names, the LORD’s people, and the LORD’s works.

Eight (8) the significance;

  1. Redemption – Exodus 15.
  2. Supply and maintenance – Numbers 21:17.
  3. Moses witnessing to the grace of God and the unfaithfulness of man – Deuteronomy 32.
  4. Victory over oppression – Judges 5.
  5. David, God’s elect, delivered from all his foes – 2 Samuel 22.
  6. The Song of Songs.
  7. God’s vineyard – Isaiah 5.
  8. This (the eighth) waits to be sung on resurrection ground (Isaiah 26), for it does not come till after “Death is swallowed up in victory”  25:8.

We are living in exciting times.  God is moving mightily on behalf of his people.  Heaven is now releasing a momentous wind that is bringing forth new life.  New beginnings and great victory.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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