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  1. Hi from Batman, the caped crusader, see Joker above

    Charlie Shamp
    In November 21, 2016 while in prayer I was shown two tremendous shakings coming out of the nation of Italy. First would be a scandal that would come out of the Vatican and shake the Catholic Church, it would be a shock wave the Lord said. Secondly, there would be an earthquake that would shake the nation of Italy. All of this is well documented on our Prophets Loft, as I had called upon many to pray at that time. On numerous Prayer Shield’s that following year I continued to state that corruption within the Vatican would be discovered and uncovered.

    Since that time there has been quite a shaking taking place within the Catholic Church with the sex scandal. The latest being the most significant in Cardinal George Pell, the third most senior official at the Vatican, being charged with multiple “historical” sexual assaults in his native Australia and 34 bishops of Chile’ offering their resignations to Pope over sex abuse. The Lord says, “there is more to come! The shock waves will continue, that there is nothing that is hidden that will not be revealed.”

    On May 19, 2018 I saw in the spirit the Vatican and St. Peter’s basilica. I looked and saw the Chair of Saint Peter and Pope Francis sitting upon the throne. He looked very sick in fact his health seemed to be deteriorating before my very eyes. He seemed deeply wounded and unable to recover, suddenly he stepped down and another took his place.

    This newly elected Pope seemed very cunning and clever, claiming to carry the keys of the Kingdom, there was a youthfulness that made him attractive. His face seemed to be like stone, but claimed to be like a rock. I felt very uneasy about the sudden change and the one who now sat in the chair. My heart was greatly grieved at his sight as he appeared to have the face and body of a white goat, instantly my spirit was back in my living room where I was sitting just moments before. I was not shown a date upon which this will come to pass, but it will take place. There are great shifts taking place in the earth like no other generation has ever experienced. We must be vigilant and watchful at this time. It is time for the church to begin to pray like never before.

  2. Dear Dana

    “The devil is a rip-off artist trying to make people think it is so wrong to even have laughter.”

    Yes, the Lord showed me the Joker from the ‘Dark Knight’ movies. The other extreme. Humour can cover an evil heart. Good and evil come from the same tree. Blessings

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