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God Is Taking the Lid Off — 3 Comments

  1. Ron, I am so excited to see the kingdom coming forth as people come into this revelation. Thanks for your diligence to keep sounding the alarm and speaking the pure truth. May the people who have been blinded by false teachers and pastors find this and be set free!

  2. Oh I am SOOO excited for the manifest power of the Reignbow of the Father to flow through His Children in this Hour and bring Limitless Kingdom, Love, Joy, Peace, Life, Light, Truth, Freedom, Victory, Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might, Fear of the Lord, Fearlessness…POWER!!! The Power of His Spirit pouring through His Children Coloring the Landscape of Creation in the Kingdom Image…ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!!! For the Truth has set us Free….We already are Free….INDEED!! :D
    God bless your Beautiful heart man of God!! :)

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