Grace and Mercy – America is not dead!


When we look at all the times in the Bible where Israel rebelled and sinned against God, and then God caused them to be defeated by their enemies, they were not living under the law of grace and mercy like we are today, because of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

They had to endure the judgment of God.  How thankful I am today that even though America has sinned and rejected God, we have an advocate with the Father through Jesus Christ Who forever stands to make intercession for us.

We still have the opportunity to cry out for mercy because of God’s grace to us because of Jesus.  This country is as much the apple of God’s eye as Israel because we are part of His lost sheep, Ephraim.  No, we cannot tempt God with riotous living and sin, but we can live day to day knowing we can run to Him and be forgiven and restored.

America is not dead…… we are still very much alive as long as we continue to call on the name of Jesus.  God’s remnant is as good as Gideon’s 300 (Judges 7) for God to defeat His enemies that would try to work from within to tear down what He has established.  If he can use 4 lepers (2 King’s 7) to do a turnaround for His nation when they were reaping the seeds of rebellion, then He can use you and me.

All we have to do is start reaching out to those in our immediate presence.  One by one, we can reach others for the Kingdom of God.

Thank You Jesus, for Your grace!


~ Jeanne Hibbard Bowen

Jeanne Hibbard BowenJeanne Hibbard Bowen




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  1. The greatest LACK in christianity is the CHARACTER OF CHRIST.

    This fruit is very seldom.

    Many do not give heed to this problem.

    Therefore the most do not know the character of Christ

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