Greater Things Shall You Do!


“And even greater things shall you do in My Name in this hour and season upon the earth”, says God.

I Prophecy:  In this season, God’s Greatness and Glory will not just be working around you, but it will start working and manifesting through you in greater power, precision and purpose.

You have been empowered and equipped for greater kingdom impact and influence in the earth.

In this season your spiritual senses are being activated and awakened to God’s divine purpose and destiny for your life, look up, a new pathway to God’s best and abundance is now opening up before you.  God is calling you to go where your faith has not gone before.  He is releasing you into the place called, “Greater exploits”!

So be ready.  He is called and anointed you for such a time as this!  Your spirit man is being enlarged and increased in this hour and the light of His Glory is becoming brighter and brighter, as you yield and surrender to His Will and His ways, His love, strength, might, power and wisdom will be made manifest in and through you.

He calls you “Glory Carrier and World Shaker”!

This is a kairos moment, an appointed moment in time upon the earth.  This is the hour of his power and glory being made manifest in the nations.

We are moving into a place of radical faith and radical restoration.  We are being taken higher and further than we have ever gone before.  The way has been made straight, for the atmosphere of darkness is lifting and shifting, new life and new vision is being birthed in this hour, there is strategic movement and realignment taking place in the realms of the spirit.

The Spirit of Freedom is breaking the chains that have confined and restricted and those who have been spiritually disconnected and disengaged are now being reactivated, relocated and released into the fullness of Gods purpose and kingdom destiny.

I Prophecy,  a release and an outpouring of the finishers anointing in this hour.  Where the enemy came to weary and weigh you down through discouragement, despair and disillusionment, I declare;  God is now releasing a greater grace to finish your race, you will now begin to move and advance in greater power, authority and purpose to the glory of God.

I hear a new sound rising up in the midst of God’s people.  It’s the sound of new life, new beginnings and victory over every scheme, tactic and weapon of the enemy.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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