Grieve Not The Holy Spirit of God


There are witnesses, even here now, that remember some things.  We would be in a service, and perhaps, suddenly, grief would settle upon all the people.

You see, when you are in tune with the Spirit, you can sense what He is feeling.  If you are genuinely following the Holy Ghost, you will know instantly, that something has shifted.  A hush, would come over the entire place; that grief was almost thick. It brought tears.

Even the children were quiet.  This is one reason why I do not even understand all of this substitution in the house of the LORD.  Those in leadership, would admonish us all to fall on our knees, right where we were.  And wait.  Often times that grief from the Holy Ghost would lift; but we didn’t move until it did.  The music did not crank up; the ushers did not take up the offering, and there were not any announcements made.  If the Spirit led, the service could go on; but many times, we dismissed quietly, and went home.

A renown apostle/ evangelist among us, once made a statement about those who were clamoring for revival.  He said to us with tears, that he wasn’t so sure we were ready.  In the first days of the NT church, two people were struck dead while standing in the door, for lying to the Holy Ghost.  I felt a push against my spirit just now; it just came into my awareness. It’s that people now, do not want to hear this.  But just as it happened thirty years ago, those people are not wise; they have no real wisdom from above.

How do we know that so many who say they are in the body of Christ, have no real wisdom?  They no longer have the “fear of the LORD.”  No one, can operate correctly within the Church, without Wisdom; too many have tried it, and still do.  Continuing to claim something we do not have, operating in self and following our own program, grieves the Spirit.  It seems that too many folk who say they are “spirit-filled,” have just stopped reading the book of Revelation.  The tribulations, the seals, the vials, mean nothing.

How angry do we think God is?  And don’t try to tell me, that He is not grieved with many of us.

Yes, God is love, and I’m so glad He is; but, He is also a lot of other things.  Strange how some of our elders put down other denominations, and almost mocked the use of one certain scripture.  For God so loved the world, that He gave His what?  His only begotten Son.  After the way His Son was so mistreated and gave His life for us, what does anyone think about how He feels.  First of all, we never thought about God having feelings; but that’s because, we didn’t find out for ourselves.

Building all of these elaborate edifices, living a high life style, from money that was collected in His Son’s name.  Not seeking the lost, not healing the sick and the wounded.  How does Jesus feel, about those who restore no one; no matter what the apostles said about it.  Walk worthy of the vocation in which ye were called.  In what kind of spirit and attitude?

The truth is, we no longer want to hear about judgment beginning at the house of the LORD.  How many ministries failed, how many homes and lives were shattered since, because no one wanted to listen.  God couldn’t be grieved with us.

Offending the Spirit  

After everything Christ placed in His church, some dared take it out; after He paid such a price.  And then, we are content to live with so far less in the realm of the Spirit, and take punches at those who strive for such.

I would rather die, right here and right now, than to offend the holy Spirit of God.

First, because I worship and adore Him.

Secondly, because I have the fear of the LORD; and I don’t ever want to lose it.

Judgment is at the door.  Without following the Spirit, no one would even know that.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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  1. Hello Robert, I so needed to read your article about not grieving the Holy Spirit. I have a high pressure customer service job with lots of selfish customers. I know the Lord wants me to Love my neighbor as myself. Its so hard to do when you are dealing with nasty attitudes. I will have to take a different approach when praying. I will use the Word of God like I should have been doing all along. Thank you for publishing this.

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