Harps Upon The Willows


There are some things that we simply cannot lay down.  They remain with us for good.

They may lose a bit of power for lack of use; but, when it is due, they bounce back with even more clarity.

Whether we all understand it or not, it must be realized again.  God did not give us or impart to us what He has, to remain idle, unused.

Some of us know personally, that there were many among us that were gifted and anointed.

The Spirit manifested himself in wonderful ways; the church was edified; lives were changed.  He is calling us even now, to stir those things up. In another place, the apostle said to a young minister, “Neglect not the gift that is within thee.”

Some remember, when the ministry once laid hands upon people, and imparted many gifts.

One thing we need to call to remembrance, is that many of these things were prophesied to us.  Now, I’m not talking about so much of this shallow utterances we encounter today.

We once knew what was of the Spirit, and what was not.  The thought that there would be many impostors, did not even discourage us; we already knew that this had been written.

There was no fear; the Spirit that was within us, discerned it.

One might ask, what is this message all about?  The Spirit speaks expressly to the church now, just as He always did. It seems it really is about who is listening.

The question is, why should I stir all of this up, if I can’t use it the way God meant for it to be used?

Many know the journey.  Pushed out, shoved aside, put down and in too many places, literally silenced.

Most of us would never know that God had a day coming when He would work a work like none other.  Carrying things inside of you that are supposed to be given out, expressed, is a heavy burden to carry.

Yes, it has all begun to make sense now; but it likely caused a lot of questions for many days. It might be, that we’ve somehow gotten off the path a bit.  We may have forgotten, that God’s plan and timing, is not ours.

I’ve never been more impressed upon, that doors are going to be opened for us to do the work we were called and gifted to do.

I confess, I don’t know how or where.  But be it known, the same Spirit, is urging many to begin reviving themselves.  To one Church, a door was opened that no man could shut.

The Spirit says, to be ready with what has been imparted unto you.  The need for these gifts, is greater now, than ever before.

Many have spoken of a mighty move of the Spirit in these closing days.  I believe that more than I ever have before.  The church of the living God, will operate once more as He intended for it to; restoration of what He set in order, will once more prevail. I

n many places, things are not like what we all knew in days before.  That doesn’t bother God; He can over-ride any of men’s ways.

I wonder if others are seeing visions of themselves, ministering that which was ordained by Him?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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  1. I always esteemed you, brother Robert. I knew you make it through. Thank you for your wise words all the time. Without those people in church the “sick loosers” and “runaways” would have no one with compassion or understanding.

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