Has Anyone Seen my Bible?


Josiah was 8 years old when he begin his rein as the King of Judah.  His story can be found in the 2nd book of Kings chapter 22 and 23.  He rein lasted for 31 years in Jerusalem, and the testimony of those years can be found in the 2nd verse of the same chapter.  He did what was right in the eyes of the LORD and followed completely the ways of his father David, not turning aside to the right or to the left.

In the eighteenth year of his rule, a remarkable event took place in Jerusalem.  Josiah had ordered that major repairs be made to the Temple of the Lord.  Evidently years of neglect had allowed the House of the Lord to disintegrate to the point that it became almost unusable.

While these repairs were taking place a major discovery was made that changed the destiny of the nation.  Hilkiah the High Priest at the time, came to Shaphan the Kings secretary and told him, ( I have found the Book of the Law in the Temple of the Lord.)  Evidently, for years the disrepair in the House of God had fallen down over the word of God, allowing it to be hidden in the very house of the Lord.

Shaphan read the book, then took it and read it out loud in the presence of the King.  The words, when read, caused great distress to the heart of Josiah, in his anxiety, he tore his robes.  He realized that he himself, as well as the nation, that was under his rule, had not been obeying the words that were written upon its pages.The King, and the people under his authority repented, and started major reforms and changes, that altered the course of his nation.

I hear in my hearts ear the voice of the the Lord saying, that judgment begins in my Household.  In your zeal to reach out to the world, you have allowed the world to wrap its arms around you.  That which my people use to call sin is no longer called so.  That which you once called evil, is now welcomed with open arms.

False prophets have overrun my house, saying thus saith the Lord, when I have not spoken.  They have put no difference between the Holy and that which is profane.  Many of my ministers is their efforts to attract the world, have hid my Holy Word from the world, weakening the foundations of my house.  All of their works will collapsed around them, destroying many of my children under the rubble of their man made efforts.

I see the smoke of many strange fires burning in my house.  The Prophets of Baal are repairing their altars, and they are sacrificing your children thereon.  The righteous are perishing, yet no man layeth it to heart.  Many of my people sing of their love, yet their hearts are far from me.

Where are my Elijah’s ?  Those with the courage to speak with my voice.  Are you hiding in your caves?  Step out into my sunlight and my Glory will arise upon you.  Become my image, and not the reflection of someone else, be my voice, not the echo of another.

Dare to follow me, and my signs and wonders will follow you.  Yield your members unto me, and my hands will heal the sick, step into the darkness, and my light will seek out the lost.  Let us make a covenant together, expand your vision, look beyond yourself, see with my eyes, hear with my ears.

Lift up your heart with your hands, lay it upon my altar, and I will answer with fire, melding it together with my heart.  Dare to approach me, look into my eyes, for those of you who know me will do exploits.

Speak to the dry bones, call my remnant out from among the nations.  Speak to the bones and they shall come together, bone to joint, and joint to bone. speak to the wind, and my Holy Spirit will put the breath of life within them.

Hear my still small voice, it calls from deep within.  Deep calling unto deep.  I am calling my children into maturity.  Follow me and not another, walk in my footsteps, and you shall do my works.

First published by Gary Northington on Wednesday, 9 January 2013

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