Has the Gospel been preached, in all the world?

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Wrestle Not

By the time many of us were seventeen and eighteen, we had learned to pray in the Spirit and knew something about intercessory prayer.  By the time we were thirty or forty, we understood how to do true Spiritual warfare.  We knew about spiritual wickedness in high places and we were acutely aware of what it meant, to tear down strongholds.  These things had been taught and demonstrated throughout our assemblies.

I don’t wish to sound alarming today, but I am truly concerned about many of our children, and our grandchildren.  They have no clue or experience, as to how to do spiritual battle.  Most of us can’t say they just are not old enough to have been exposed to such spiritual insight; because, I have to say it honestly, my grandchildren are now grown.  I’m afraid we likely did a lot of spoiling of our children and so forth; even to the point, that they would likely have a hard road to go if hard times really came.  Without the good old microwave, the preparing of meals would get no further; so sheltered.

I have to be honest, that the events going on in the other side of the world, have left many of us edgy and quite concerned.  If I’m real, I see this as the forces of darkness arising in these people; only the devil himself and his evil angels could be behind such atrocities.  We are not able to say some things on here; lest it be taken wrong or out of context.

I think, that as long as we talk about spiritual things, we won’t seem a threat to certain people; at least not yet.  It’s becoming clear, real fast, that it’s going to take a lot more than dropping destruction on all of these people.  It won’t be enough.

We are not wrestling against flesh and blood; although many seem to think we are.  But people of the Word, and people of the Spirit, know better.  I hope I am not sounding like some kind of doomsday oracle, but I am truly worried.

Again, these folk who are playing church, are so foolish.  If they want to have a program, how about having a program that teaches our young people, how to do spiritual battle; how to intercede in the Spirit and how to bind forces of darkness that are likely to come against them.

I don’t know how we are going to start teaching our children; but we have to do it.

I don’t want to sound critical or blaming, but my precious grandchildren, would not have a chance, going up against some dark forces.  What if we are not available; what if they are spiritually attacked, and we can’t get to them.

I could be angry at this modern church world, but I don’t have time.  I do believe, that the forces of the enemy are going to stand up more and more, and begin to reveal themselves, as they once did.  How much power do we have; how much power do our families have.

There is a great wrestling coming; it’s already begun.  If we begin getting on our faces before God, with our families and let them hear us pray in the Spirit, and teach them what it is all about, together, we can yet repel this darkness.

Has the Gospel been preached, in all the world?

You cannot help but look at current events, and not be stirred and troubled.  We are told not to fear; but nothing said we should not be concerned at the things that are happening all around us and even in all parts of the world.  One might ask, why would this particular question be asked?  What does it have to do with where we are in all of this?  Because, the end is not yet. Jesus said not.

There was a time, when visions and dreams, were a real part of our true Holy Ghost experience; it was a common thing.  I remind myself of that, for one can feel intimidated or reluctant to share these spiritual occurrences today.  If we feel something is of the Spirit, we should not be ashamed to share it with other believers.  The truth is, this is another thing that has too often been left behind.

Peter, in the Book of Acts, talked about what Joel had prophesied. “This, is that.”  We should be fulfilling that now; completely.

A couple of days ago, I was lying on my bed, and I saw something in a vision.  I don’t claim to be anything; I’m nothing without God.  And if I should get to uplifting myself, He knows very well how to humble me down.  So, the vision.  I saw a woman of dark skin color walking a dusty road; I could see as she was approaching some small village.  Her dress was a very light yellow; a kind of sari wrapped around her body.  On the top of her head, she carried a big vase or urn, like some do when they are carrying water.

She was barefoot.  I recognized, that this was someone from one of the poorer countries.  As I said, a dusty road, big enough for traffic of some type perhaps, but no paving or even gravel.  I didn’t have to ask the Spirit what this vision was all about; I knew.  Has this woman, heard the Gospel preached; has it been preached to anyone in her village?

You see, we are facing some serious questions in this hour.  This idea that was somehow slipped in unawares, that we were going to be swept up in the rapture, before any real tribulation came, has left many lulled into serious apathy.

It’s time to forget about what we heard preached about this in days gone by.  All of the sweet uplifting sermons and productions being used to keep people distracted and at ease, will soon fade.  We once knew, that if we wanted Jesus to come soon, we had to reach the world with the Gospel.

I think our desire for that, somehow waned along the way.  Jesus could come back at anytime; but not until what He prophesied, has truly been fulfilled.  We will face some times.

We must re-focus on the things that our JESUS said, about these end times.  It’s the beginning of sorrows.  Isn’t it?

This is no time to be at ease in Zion.  A dear brother said here today, that our music and programs, will not protect us.  Only the Spirit can do that.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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