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He God Who Answers by Fire — 2 Comments

  1. I touch and agree in the Name of Jesus, and if i may also pray, Father please bring a harvest of restoration and joy to those who have sowed in tears. Father the thief has been caught and must payback all he has stolen unto his whole house. We have bound the strongman of Baal, Ahab, Jezebel and Eunuchs.  We plunder their house. Father please return children back to their parent(s) that will train them up in You Lord (especially children taken from their mothers by the Jezebel agenda and placed with their dad outside of Your Will Father), please restore my brothers and sisters back to their Godly identity in You. Where Ahab had castrated men and Jezebel has made woman masculine i pray for ORDER and proper gender identity.  I pray for You to bind the wounds and heal and make whole and close any entry doors or gates to trauma, abuse and torment that this particular demonic kingdom has caused in our FAMILY! YOUR WORD SAYS JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS MAKE YOUR THRONE! YOU ARE THE ONLY RIGHTEOUS JUDGE! I ASK FOR JUSTICE, RECOMPENSE AND VENGEANCE THAT BELONGS TO YOU! I ask for a true gift of forgivness for our FAMILY Your Children, and a true gift of repentance as we love our enemies and pray for them and release them to You. Anyone agreeing with this prayer is hidden with Christ in the Father, is covered in the blood of Jesus and has been given all authority over the power of the enemy to stomp on serpents and scorpions, to tread upon the lion and the cobra and nothing shall by any means harm us. May all witchcraft burn with Gods all consuming fire and be made null and void by the blood of Jesus and the finished work of the cross in Jesus’s Name amen.

    • Amen, and amen. With Dana, and with you.

      We will get free from the strongholds of the enemy by His compassion fire for us.

      His fire will destroy the enemy, but also will be warmth for us; will provide a warm and safe place, and light for us.

      We stay on His presence; we will not bow down to the enemy; He Is with us. Amen.

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