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He Has Made You More Than a Conqueror! — 3 Comments

  1. GREAT encouragement and comfort. Sister, you put the Holy Scriptures so perfect in timing. I truly wonder what you went through… for being so strong and bold.
    All verses are right, but particularly this from Jeremiah is daily one of my comforts. I do not have the time to search out the exact verses, I think in Amos 8 is written similar / confirmed: OUR LORD WILL NOT FORGET what they’ve done against us, but we will forget all the tortures, and we will have MORE than good rewards. Kings will nurture and care for us (written by Isaiah) and the KING OF KINGS will wipe away our tears. But don’t worry, sister: I am not crying all day or night. OUR LORD gives me strength, and yes, He taught me to become an overcomer. Our forefathers and foremothers – all had to face adversaries, and sadly many were stoned to death, many were burned as “witches”. Martyrs for JESUS CHRIST. Yes, it is true: It’s all because of Him and His righteous messages. They wanted to get rid of Him. They murdered GOD’s BEST MAN. I do not fear death. I pray that they don’t cripple me. May the LORD protect me as He always did.

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