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He Has Not Abandoned You! — 4 Comments

  1. Father, anoint your children and cause is to be ready and able to walk and rise thru his grace mercy and love.  Help us to know you more and carry your authority. Please be with our families friends, loved ones and people who we do not know, and those who we do not know but who we pray for.  Help us to stand provided and ready .  Guard us by your hand, your angels. Help us to be ready. Help us get to know when the hand of God is decreeing miracles, the recovery of sight and recovery from lameness—even those born with it— and every illness manifesting, to be removed thru your word.  Use me. You sent your word and healed them.  Release our hearts from the power of death and unhealthy friendship with the enemy and release us from curses.  stand ready. His Glory is over all the day earth. in Christ amen

  2. Praise the Lord! God bless you Minister! I embrace the word and message of the Lord, in which you shared in this post.
    The Lord is worthy to be praised and lifted up, for surely it is He who never sleeps or slumbers.

    I shared a message in your post about a week ago, Let Go, Let Go.
    Speaking and venting out of frustration, hurt and pain.
    I thank God for allowing you to share the message in this post, as it has reached my heart and spirit.

    God bless you, Minister Robin Kirby-Gatto! I pray your strength in Jesus, spiritually, physically and mentally, that he continues to use you mightily until our Blessed Hope returns to unite his sons and daughters with and unto Himself.

    I love you with the love of Jesus Christ, have a blessed day.

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