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  1. What is the cause of the curse ( or blessing ) that comes ? as it is written in Dt27:14-26 and Dt28 that those will be curses WHO BROKEN THE LAW and those will be blessed WHO ARE OBEDIENCE .even TODAY those will be cursed who “ leads the blind astray on the road.” ( Dt27:18); who “ has sexual relations with any animal.” ( Dt27:21); who “ make carved images and bow down to them “ ( Ex20:4)…… some may say “ but Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law… “ Amen to that , but NOT from the law itself . lt is like someone broke the traffic law by driving through the red lights ( sinned), and got a ticket ( the penalty of sin ), then Jesus paid that ticket – the penalty of your sin ( Gal3:13, Ro6:23), but by no meanings that they will REMOVE the traffic lights , you still have to obey it FOR YOUR OWN GOOD .as Jesus often said AFTER he healed the person in Jn5:14:” See, you are well again, stop sinning ( which means broken the law – 1Jn3:4) or something worse may happen to you . so let us encourage each other with Ps119:1:” Blessed are they whose ways are BLAMELESS , who walk according to the law of the LORD “ Amen!

  2. Peter said in 2Pe3:16”… His letters contains some things that are hard to understand…” Certainly Col2:14 is one of these . we all read the Bible teach by the Holy Spirit by one condition that God’s word will not contrary to each other but confirm and agree to each other , as it is written in Heb13:8:” Jesus Christ ( the word ) is THE SAME yesterday and today and forever .” if Paul means that “ the law are canceled and nailed to the cross “ then it contrary to many other words Jesus even Paul himself ever spoken . JESUS said in Mt5:17:” Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them ( which means he obeyed them- shall we follow Jesus ? )… until heaven and earth disappear , not the smallest letter , not the least stroke of a pen , will by any means disappear from the law… “ also in Mt23:2-3:” The teacher of the law … sit in Moses’ seat . So you MUST OBEY them and do EVERYTHING they tell you .” Paul said in Ro3:31:” Do we, then, nullify the law BY THIS FAITH ? Not at all ! Rather , we UPHOLD the law .”

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