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He Will Hear and Answer Your Prayers — 2 Comments

  1. Please pray for my son Robert. He was married 14 years in an abusive relationmship.
    Ha had problems with alcohol and this year he became addicted to drugs. I am his mother, am a widow on dialysis. Robert also lived here in Georgia. A friend sent him to Florida to a ranch, he was told by the friend that all things would be taken care of. The ranch was not a rehab and he (we) did not know that. The ranch was just a place to stay. While there he cussed at a person staying there and the owner took Robert to a motel and paid for 3 days. He was left penniless, although he had worked at the ranch, with no cell phone, and a small bag of clothes. He ended up in jail and now faces prison. He is a believer in Jesus, but there are strongholds. Please pray. His wife has filed for divorce while he is in jail and he has no where to go when he gets out. My sister and I are praying to provide a place for when he does come home. He has 3 daughters. Please pray. Thank you and God continue to bless your ministry.

  2. Nopea oli vastaus että en turhaan rukoi llut, kiitos Herran.
    Dan.9:23. Kun aloit rukoilla, lähti sana liikkeelle..

    HKP Admin : Google Translate : “The quick answer was I did not pray in vain, thank the Lord.
    Dan.9: 23. When you started praying, the word started.”

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