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Healing Broken Hearts and Hearing The LORD — 2 Comments

  1. Holy Spirit led me here, this morning. I am in deep repentance, and sorrow, for my anger, at the very ones I love most, am praying hardest for deliverance for and I recently lost one to death. My heart is broken, my spirit it crushed. Thank You Holy Spirit for convicting my heart. Opening MY eyes to why I am not overcoming fully yet. I need more guidance. And prayer for myself for protection and deliverance. And more training. I am 69.

  2. I knew that the passing of Beni would rise some questions about the Theology many Charismatics have.. It is necessary to shed light on the issue of suffering in the Bible.
    When I went through it and still do for more than 40 years you dig deeper….!!

    One mistake of this theology is to deny that all things in our life pass God and needs HIS allowance and WILL in a matter. We see this in Job.

    The NT teaches the same as Rom.8:28 says..And – no hair falls from our head without HIS will.
    Sometimes God even sends delusional Spirits to bring judgment to an individual (See Ahab) or even David with the counting of Israel because God wanted to punish Israel because of Sin.
    If you read the Psalms, Job, Lamentations they all adress GOD not SATAn as so many charismatics do so easily! Somebody once said that he is only the handkerchief of GOD.

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