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Prayers for Healing and Health — 5 Comments

  1. We love and very much appreciate your cd that our daughter, Ginger King, gave us,(a member,there )It is Make Kingly Decrees,dated 12/18/19.It has HELPED us so much in our personal walk with JESUS CHRIST,an our ministry, HowJCj-hMins,F-f,Outreach Min. We thank you so much and pray for you often; We hope to order some of your books in next coming weeks. Thank you for your ministry an humor n candor. GOD
    bless! Ap-proph William n Evg-Past Tilda K Martin

  2. Lord heal my body from any sickness in Jesus name I speak Divine health over my life in The name of Jesus please keep me in prayer Prayer warriors

  3. I should digg your post so other people can look at it, really helpful, I had a hard time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

    – Murk

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