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  1. Simple and real faith! I have prayed and been healed of bells palsy, without seeing a doctor. I have prayed for quit a few people that have had a need for prayer and a healing touch from Jesus. It’s very simple pray, ask and believe!!

  2. Would it be possible that Christianity true Christianity where we Love the law of life we see the path of right and use the weapons of our warfare to defend the anointed presence of God in our lives has slipped with all the tools we have to connect us have been turned against us allowing the dark kingdoms devices and temptations to move us off the paths of right and quench the Spirit of God. Not too many people live that separated life where they have spent time in the wilderness and overcome the flesh and dedicated themselves to all righteousness (this is not a judgment it is an observation in understanding this High calling) Look through the laws of life the ones Jesus fulfilled all righteousness than consider yourself dead and Jesus alive in you and walk and talk as this is the truth don t resurrect the old you, your old ways, your old pattern of thought, consider you are a brand new creature the baptism of Jesus is not even a question, sickness is not a discussion, God supplying all your needs how could it be any other way, SEE how rock solid Jesus is the right path

  3. Amen This is the kind of anointing EVERY disciple of Christ should desire. The prayer is short but powerful. Thank you for sharing

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