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Hear My voice, says the LORD — 3 Comments

  1. So this really is helping me get stronger in Jesus! And helping me get where God has called me to be rite now. For His Glory!
    I am One of God’s announced writers, lead kingdom singers and musician!  Chosen by God to bring other sheep into his kingdom.
    Daily I was getting attacked with different infirmities from sinus to allergies then pain tried to come on me. I stood up in faith and told the devil to flee from me and my family in Jesus name.
    I am blessed by God as a child of God I am delivered from every attack from the enemy, written in Psalms 91st chapter. I claim God’s healing power working all thru and in my body taking out all wheezing all lung problems all cold symptoms.  Allergies I command to leave in The mighty name of Jesus Christ.  My personal Lord and Savior!
    I as a born again blood bought covenant child of God. I claim full restoration for every part of my body my family’s body.  All healed and full healing of God be manifested in each person.I claim the peace of God that passes all our understanding to be placed by the Holy Spirit of God in each of our minds and bodies, assured that Gods word is working victoriously in every child of Gods life in Jesus name.
    Thank-you for your prayers of agreement in Jesus name.
    Peace and Love, God bless all.
    Kountry Taylor

  2. Praise God, Thank you for the word. I am going threw some difficult times right now. Its financial, health and my daughter, that does not love me. I need to hear clearly from God, as to do i move from the house i am in, do i wait . is he bringing me a husband ,i really don’t know what to do. I see myself in the middle of a room just waiting on God because mistakes i have made in my life so now i wit on him. I cry every night.

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