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A Heavenly Battle Rages over the United Kingdom — 1 Comment

  1. Now I must say ‘wow’!

    It is a great blessing for me to read this and now this will be the first time I share this similar revelation to other believers.

    In the beginning of this year I had an experience when God opened my ears when I listened to a preaching which I experienced as ungodly, but because a faith friend told me to listen to this ‘godly man’ I listened.
    During the sermon there was “speaking in not interpreted tounges” and suddenly it sounded as a crowd of screaming crow birds and I became surprised by that sound when the Spirit suddenly said:

    “unclean and hateful birds…  where the dead body is, there will the birds be gathered together,” (Rev. 18:2, Luke 17:37).

    The day after, at my work, I was still a little chocked over what I had heard in the spirit and I searched a place to take a paus where I could be alone and pray over this thing (I work in different places).

    I found a very small corner where I could be alone and only one chair and a little table was placed there and I sat down when I discovered what was in front of me.

    On the little table there was a little ‘female’ doll standing.  The doll was a scarecrow.

    On the wall straight above the table with the scarecrow there was one single painting.  Painted in black and grey there was a picture of the head and beak of an evil looking crow bird.

    And I immediately knew it was a confirmation from the Lord about the vision from the day before and that He has positioned His people as guardians on His harvest field where the true seed grows.

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