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Here is The Will of God — If You’re Wondering — 3 Comments

  1. Finally got to read 1, 2, 3.  Explicitly awesome, simple, so easy to read and follow for anyone having unanswered questions.  So encouraging for any standing at intersection of DECISION Time.  Love how Holy Spirit guided your Pen. 
    Absolutely beautiful and will repost this.

  2. Dear Joyce,

    One. Two. Three. You nailed it. A bulletpoint ● of the gospel in one verse.

    Now, if your post could somehow get to the youth (college age) to remove the veil – and get to the heart. I pray that somehow your post today gets out to the youth, who desperately need the light of truth. Godspeed.

    • Thank you Elizabeth for your input on the young. My hearts cry too!
      Do you have any advice or councel of how to get it out further?
      Thank you and bless you so much! Hugs love & prayers, Joyce ❤️

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