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Do We Want to Reap the Flesh or the Fruit of the Spirit? — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Joyce. You did so well on your video. It is something I have yet to learn. I too like the KJV, NKJV. I have many translations but am aware of the omissions. I do like the KJV for memorizing. It sinks in and I find seems to stay in my heart best. Always appreciate hearing scripture. His Words sinks into our hearts and we so need His Word throughout our day. Yes, we so need to be led by His Spirit. Thanks for sharing. Love you sister❤️

    • Thank you Patricia. As I believe I stated, talking on camera is not my comfort zone!! Lol.. still Father God takes us out of our comfort zone. I love you sis and have never met you, but I feel we are kindred spirits! Praying blessings over you in Jesus Mighty Name!  ❤️

      • Joyce, I love you too. After all, we have the same Father. Think if the body of Christ fully understood this there would be more love one for another. Yes, I struggle with technology. My generation learned to write with an inkwell and quill pen. I have shed tears over technology. Am still trying to copy paste from my phone and post from my desktop. Appreciate being prayed for as I struggle in my older age of 74. I know we are never old in the Lord and there is no retirement in God. Am overcoming but needing much prayer.  My two best intercessors moved to heaven. Keep on doing those videos you are doing an amazing job and it was so good to hear your sweet voice. ❤️

        • Thank you, Patricia, and of course I will intercede in behalf for you and already do as the Spirit of the Lord prompts me. Anything specific ask Angus for my email and I will get directly.

          I am 70 in years and in spirit feel very youthful, but in body not so! Lolol

          Take care. ❤️

    • Where did jk come from, Ron? That’s strange as it had to be a auto type error. Still I thank God for knowing yall and at certain times, getting to be together. God bless.

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