Hey, I see that …. Toadstool!


We have seen many who have a huge TOADSTOOL upon which they stand and talk as if…. they were completely enlightened in every way and perfect.  By the way some act they think they have arrived.  I have known many preachers in my many years of ministry and I have seen those who want all to see them and their so called great achievements. 

When I was a young preacher, many years ago, I heard a old veteran preacher say one day to one who was all puffed up… “WELL BROTHER WHY NOT JUST STEP DOWN FROM THAT …”TOADSTOOL” AND LETS YOU AND I TALK?”

Let me add to this topic a Scripture verse:

“For by the grace (unmerited favor of God) given to me I warn everyone among you not to estimate and think of himself more highly than he ought [not to have an exaggerated opinion of his own importance], but to rate his ability with sober judgment, each according to the degree of faith apportioned by God to him.”

It is clearly stated by the Apostle Paul that he WARNED EVERYONE to NOT ESTIMATE and THINK of himself…………..***((( MORE HIGHLY THAN HE OUGHT )))***

After all, Paul goes on to explain we ALL have been given ABILITY from God and each one has A DEGREE OF FAITH..  It is pointed out that God gave that ability to him, and it was NOT HIS.  Therefore it can be concluded that men should put their hand over their mouth and to stop acting in such a way that demands of others to bow down to them and give reverence.

LIFTED UP PRIDE is the TOADSTOOL upon which many stand before others and act high and lifted up.  It is, as some have ably described, as FALSE PRIDE.  It is false pride because we all can only say, I am what I am BY THE GRACE OF GOD.

I myself must confess, I at one time thought I was quite the preacher.  I even thought I understood it all….. ***Until one day in the Desert in 1999 the Holy Spirit of God did hit me with the Fire of his cleansing.  I tell you I went down one way and got up very humbled.  I saw myself as I am, and I SAW HIM AS HE IS.  I stopped thinking with that old Stinking Thinking then, and I came down off that old Toadstool of Pride.  I bow now in shoes of humble forgiveness knowing that all that I am today is by his most MARVELOUS AND PLENTEOUS GRACE.  If he had of had a mind to, that day in the Desert, he could have just thumped me in the head and said, “I have had enough of your insolence!”  He didn’t though, but I want you to know, not until he did rub my nose in the dirt and remind me of WHO DESERVES THE GLORY FOR ALL THINGS.


~ Prophet Ken Dewey

[Some have asked me why I used the Title of Prophet before my name.  Please let me explain.  HE told me to put it there.  I argued with him about that, but you know who wins when arguing with the Lord.  So It is there at his request.  Mostly I wonder why because I see myself as one who simply came, “Out of the Desert” walking in forgiveness for a life full of mistakes wrong turns.  I can honestly say it is BY GRACE.]

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