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  1. Dear Priscilla-

    I believe you have heard, and written, the very things that caused the Lord’s heart to weep over His Church. He has wooed, He has called, He has whispered into ears. He has even shouted through the headlines and dark things in the Church and world – but who is really listening? Heeding His drawing? Turning back to Him in utter dependency and holiness?

    You have echoed His heartbeat for the time we are in. SUDDENLY INDEED, SHALL THE KING COME INTO HIS TEMPLE. And the shofar has been blown to call them back, even one more time. This is that hour.  Shalom. Elizabeth

  2. Therefore, unless you turn from your harlotries, I will give My Sheep to other shepherds who I will raise up to heal their wounds and who will bear their burdens, and who will go after those who’ve gone astray.”

    You are so spot on with this. I’m an Archbishop- you could call me one of those shepherds. But my heart is for the lost. One of the things I encourage all the time is seeking out the lost. Unfortunately though MANY have taken their eye off the ball, but they don’t seem to have realised it or care!

  3. The bulk of the preachers and like the governments in the world right now they use intimidation and lies to keep the people in check. Many will try to attack those who are going to bring out the truth now thinking they are the enemy. All is about to change in the government and the church and neither will be as we all knew them.

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