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His Eyes Are Running to and Fro — 2 Comments

  1. Yes indeed this must be these days, and I am sitting here with the prayer to God that He may prepare me enough to rather leave my income and home and ‘everything’ than to deny His name by breaking even the smallest of His commandments.
    On the other hand, in the midst of this I have a divine expectation of that this rising fire is because of that the enemy knows that great events are coming which will cause great damage to Satan’s kingdom and honor the Lord Jesus Christ.
    A while ago I had a dream in where there were great healing events from God and it was on the headlines in the profane media, which, in the dream surprised me greatly.
    I have not told anyone about the dream, but the attacks I meet in my work in the medical area are of the character that they will forbid me to ‘give hope about getting better’ to people with difficult diseases, those the doctors so to say count beyond help (like Lazarus).
    Is it not amazing that the enemy by these attacks confirms that the dream must be true.

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