HIS Thoughts Towards You Are for Good


“How difficult it is for me to fathom Your thoughts about me, o God!  How vast is their sum total!”

I see; God’s shining, smiling face emblazoned on the souls of His sons in this hour.

Father God, often when I think of you looking upon my life, I confess that my first thought is of my sin, weaknesses and failures.

I so often feel undeserving of your favour and blessing.

I know that when I step out of your will and I do things my way this hurts and displeases you, I know you only want what is best for my life.

Help me Holy Spirit, to yield and surrender to Your wonder working power in My life.

Father God, would You come and change the distorted lens of my heart?  Would you remove the doubt and the double mindedness that has distanced me from the power and the peace of your presence?

Holy Spirit, would you enable me to see clearly?   I want to know you as my Father who is ‘love, mercy, compassion, slow to anger and full of understanding.’

Papa I want to have all of my being fully saturated in knowing that you truly delight in me, the deepest desire of my heart is to live each moment in the light of your glorious and shining face.

Cause me to never forget and always ‘remember’ Your good pleasure in me.

Psalm 67

Papa, would you mark us with grace,
And blessing!  Smile!
Let the whole country see how You work, and let
All the godless nations see how You save.
God!  Let people thank and enjoy You.
Let all people thank and enjoy You.
Let all far-flung people become happy,
And shout their happiness because
You judge them fair and square,
You tend the far-flung peoples.
God!  Let people thank and enjoy You.
Let all people thank and enjoy You.
Earth, display Your exuberance!
You mark us with blessing, o God, our God.
You mark us with blessing, o God.
Earth’s four corners — honor Him!

Papa God, hear the cry of our hearts, “Let your glory rest upon us in this hour that we may become a true reflection of Your Love and Light in a dark and lost world.”



Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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