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His Wonderful Works in Your Life! — 3 Comments

  1. Glory to our God. He is truly Emmanuel, God with us. Thank you Messiah that you are the Head of the church and we your people look forward to the wonders and miracles that you will perform. Thank you Dr June for always encouraging us when we feel lost and discourage. Shalom.

  2. I love the heart of God revealed through and by you, June.  He is a LIFTER of our heads; He does not bring fear, panic, anxiety, NO!  He is our Prince of Peace and he heralds LIFE … abundant LIFE while the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy our most holy faith!  Blessed be the Lord my God; the Alpha and Omega, our bright and Morning Star!  Amen.

  3. SOO needed this!!
    Father I stand in agreement today in Faith thanking You for this Kind Encouragement. The assaults are relentless…thank You Abba for what they are Producing in my life. I bless those today who have chosen to partner with the dark one and I thank you that Your Arm is nowhere near to short to save them and their loved ones. Have Mercy on them as You have on me and reveal Yourself to us all so we can see clearly in Your Image who we truly are.
    I agree that You cannot be defeated and I choose today to Rejoice in all that Your are doing as You use me for Your Glory and give me great Grace. I rest in Your Loving Arms today Abba.
    I thank You for June and her Beautiful Feet in my life. For bringing our paths to cross for such a time as this. As well as all who’ve brought Living Waters of Hope and Encouragement. My God I Thank You!! In the Name of Your Beloved Son Jesus, Amen

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