How to Deal with Prophecy


The LORD said to me:

“Why Do People chase prophecy and try to help its fulfillment or base their life on it neglecting things they need to do to make sure it happens?

Prophecy does not save or redeem you and can be a distraction from what I require you to do.

Prophecy serves four purposes and will always express My Love in some way:

It tells you what I AM going to do which will bring Me Glory,

It tells you what I AM going to do for your benefit,

It tells you what I desire you what not to do,

It tells you what you need to change that you are doing wrong.

The last two are designed to help you keep or restore the salvation relationship you have with Me.

You are told to seek My Will and the purposes of My Kingdom and not prophecy or signs.  I will give you these when you need them.  You do not need to seek them and seeking them can distract you from what you need to do for Me.

Remember that you always need two prophets to be able to accept a word given to you.  This stops satan giving a word you want to hear which is not from Me.

Satan tries to get you to accept prophecy He is behind, so it will not come to pass or when it does it will divert you from Me and what you are to do for Me.  It will also discourage you and make you doubt God’s Love and Plans for you as well as may end up having you doubt the prophetic gift.

Often Satan achieves this because a person goes from prophet to prophet seeking the word they want and satan finds one that will give it to them, even though it is not what God desires them to have or do.

This way satan controls them and diverts them from God’s purposes for them.

When a prophecy does not come to pass then it is either not from God or you have not fulfilled the condition required for it to occur.

So how are you to approach prophecy?

Where possible have a second prophet witness to what you have been told.

See if there is a warning to obey or a requirement to fulfill.

If it does not need to be acted upon then place it in a place you can refer to it in future when it happens.

Get on with seeking Me, My Will and the purposes of My Kingdom and then you will be where I need you to be to fulfill the prophecy.

Your purpose is to obey Me and to let Me bring into existence anything I promise for you.



~ Through Neville Salvetti

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