How to Reclaim What’s Yours in the Courts of Heaven!


If you’re feeling oppressed, I’ve got good news for you.

God is releasing something new — a high-level revelation of what’s coming in the Earth right now and … His plan to bring you hope and new freedom!

You know, people ask me all the time, “Why do we need all this talk about the Courts of Heaven?”  “Why don’t we just use the Blood of Jesus, the Bible and the name of Jesus? Isn’t that enough?”

Well, yes, it’s enough.  I mean, that’s everything you need right there … but if it’s not working for you, then you may need a deeper revelation to get a breakthrough.

The Courts of Heaven is best described as the place of prayer and petition where we can obtain justice from the LORD.

So, the reason that God is releasing this new revelation is because Satan is over-attacking us right now with tragedies, mass shootings, violence, earthquakes, fires and floods.

The enemy wants to get your eyes off God, but the LORD is unleashing a strategy for you to experience His goodness and justice through prayer … and we need to be healed and walking in our God-given authority because there’s a revival coming!

Elizabeth NixonIn this Spirit Connection podcast, my special guest is a person who has been on beforeElizabeth Nixon.

Everyone loves her.  She’s a renowned attorney, who has practiced law in California under the U.S. Supreme Court, has served with the IRS, she’s been featured in Vanity Fair magazine and was awarded Business Woman of the Year at one time.

is also an author and speaker. Elizabeth, her husband John and son Joshua are good friends of ours, and she has something that is going to shift the heavens over you right now!

Here’s a sneak peek into our conversation:

  • “… but when the Lord spoke to me this ‘Squatters Rights,’ He showed me that sin is not the only way that the enemy gets access to our life.”
  • “So, in the law (in the natural) … Squatters Rights are simply when someone occupies territory that does not belong to them.”
  • “Where we see oppression, torment, mental illness, bipolar disorders — he is squatting on spiritual territories because of bloodline family issues, addiction, abuse and genetic illness.”
  • “Philippians 4:7 says that, ‘The peace of God will guard our hearts and our minds,’ but we don’t have peace.  We actually suffer from trauma, we suffer from panic attacks and anxiety.”
  • “I mean, this is where I get excited and start doing little dances around because I see how little authority the enemy has.”
  • “So, I’m going to read through it now and activate it over everybody.”
  • “Wow!  This is, I mean … it’s incredible!  Sometimes it might feel like it might be over your head.  Don’t even think that.  Just receive it by faith!”

Listen Online Below:

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~ Doug Addison

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