How to Respond to Demonic Attack?


What to Do When Tempted:

Sin occurs because of two reasons:

  • You like doing the sinful activity, or
  • Satan has convinced you that you cannot defeat him and overcome the temptation.

You choose to sin, as satan can only suggest you do it.  He cannot control you, but you give him authority over you according to the degree you accept what He suggests.

I repeat, for you to sin you have to agree with what satan is suggesting you do to sin.

If Jesus is LORD of the area satan is attacking, this will not happen.  This is why it is important for Jesus to be LORD of all your life so that you will reject what satan suggests you do so that you will not sin.

How to Respond to an Attack:

You can ignore the attack, but,

  • The demons are still there attacking you.
  • The attacks keep being repeated.

The demons can be cast out in Jesus’ Name.

If Deliverance is incomplete,

  • They can still return.
  • The area can still be attacked by other demons.
  • More worse demons can attack.
  • Healing and restoration of any damage they did is not done.

Better still is to use the Five Steps dealt with elsewhere:

The Five Steps gives the area attacked to Jesus, removes their right to use it against you and removes them from it.

Remember that any negative thought, emotion, feeling, imagination or anything that does not give your spirit peace is an attack of Satan.

So What Do You Do?

  • Give it to Jesus to be LORD of it.  You do not need to name the actual sin and can say ”what I am feeling”,  “What I am thinking”, or “what satan is suggesting I do or similar.
  • The tell the demons to go to Jesus in His Name to be dealt with by Him and take all they have done to you.
  • Ask The Holy Spirit to take their place.

For example if you have a wrong thought:

In Jesus’ name, I command any demon behind the wrong thought I am having to go to the LORD Jesus and to take with him everything it has done or is doing to me and I ask you Holy Spirit to take their place.

Having sinful thoughts is not wrong, if you reject them.

They come from satan, so are an attack.  You are not an evil person if you have them as they did not originate from you.  They are only wrong if you accept them and do what they suggest you do.  You are only an evil person if you delight to sin and do not want to reject the sinful thoughts

If You Sin:

  • Tell God you are sorry.
  • Wholeheartedly, try not to do the sin again.
  • Use the Five Steps to give the area sinned in, to Jesus.

Guilt, shame and condemnation now come from satan.  They were removed at Calvary along with the spiritual punishment of all sin repented of.

The Holy Spirit will convict you, but not make you feel guilty, ashamed or condemned.

Deal with them as they are attack of satan.

The Five Steps in Summary:

  1. Give the matter, sin, situation, problem, proposed plans or activity to Jesus to be LORD of (along with the causes, results and associated matters).
  2. Repent of any sin, forgive those who have hurt you.
  3. In Jesus’ Name, command satan to leave.
  4. In Jesus’ Name, command healing and restoration on all they did to you.
  5. Ask The Holy Spirit to replace the demons that have gone.

Note:   There is no need to fight satan, just a command for him to leave.


~ Through Neville Salvetti

P.S.  The Five Steps Deliverance Manual can be download here.

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How to Respond to Demonic Attack? — 2 Comments

  1. If I am allowed I will give one and only one solution to resist demonic attacks and this is complete obedience to the Lord’s commandments which is to bind every thought to the obedience of Christ.
    Take notice of that the commandments are “quiet” which means one is doing them not saying them.  Turning the other cheek means turning the other cheek, not argue. Walking an extra mile is walking – not talking.
    When one is attacked it is always an attempt from Satan to pull one away from that obedient state (the spiritual realm of the mind of Christ) and when Jesus say resist the devil and he will flee it means that when I refuse to answer against the attack then I “kill my flesh” which is the same as to crucify my will, my lust to break God’s love commandments.
    Even if I have ‘right’ and the attacker has ‘wrong’ I refuse to answer.
    The believer has one purpose on earth and it is to obey the Lord, not defend oneself.
    When the devil is aware of that the believer is aware of this -then he will flee!
    Therefore is ‘rebuking’ and ‘commanding’ demons to go away of absolute no value and will only keep the believer in a state of false spiritual authority (exactly in the state where Satan wants them to be) “when, therefore, he said to them `I am he,` they went away backward, and fell to the ground,” John 18:6

  2. James 4:7 says to resist Satan and Lordship does this.  But He also came to destroy the works of Satan and we have that command as well, so we are to destroy the works of Satan and not just let him do what he wants, in areas we can remove him from.