Huge Revival Coming to the Fiji Republic

Prophetic Alert:
Huge Revival Coming to the Fiji Republic,
but remove the barriers!!


Republic of Fiji flagThe LORD, in another Vision has taken me to the Nation of Fiji.

The Prophecy given on August 29, 2014 concerning the shaking on this nation back then in, has been increasingly fulfilled and that prophecy is and on going one.  That prophecy singled out Fiji and in there, I said catastrophic events of national magnitude in series, will shake this Nation.

Indeed the 2014 Earthquake, the capturing of Fiji soldiers in Syria, and the Level 5 cyclone Winston just days ago have been part of the 2014 prophecies.  It is when the Nation was being the focus, just as we have seen the major media reports, focusing on Fiji.

Well, I have had another vision where the hand of God again focuses on Fiji.

In the dream, the Lord took me to Fiji, and when He took me into that Land, in the dream of the Lord, The LORD God, the holy God of Israel, He in the dream made me to be a visitor to Fiji.

I was walking around, looking for a church in this land, and when I arrived at a certain place, I saw a church.  Now as I saw this church and I approached it, I saw the building, of the church was highly fortified and the walls and fencing around the church were so high and the door was very high, that I could see the roof was partially concealed.

I began to turn around to find another entrance because the front door was closed.  I also had a knowing that the door had been closed for some long time.  I thought to myself, “Maybe they don’t use this door anymore?”

As I turned and came around the building behind this compound, it really shocked me, because the wall portion behind the entire compound, had no walls.  The length behind it had no walls, and I could see not only the compound area, but the building of the church also.

But then I found out that the wall behind this church was extended to make for a facility where, they can rest in.  I saw it like a restaurant, but basically it resembled  a picnic or beach life-style, because I see people there around tables, some are basking on flat beds, like they are taking refreshments and also, a swimming pool.

I am also able to see a swimming pool.  And so, standing behind the building, on this open end, I was essentially battling with the contradictions that this scene presented to me and to anyone looking for a church.  For first he thinks he has found a church, but later on, comes to the reality that what was thought to have the mark and the life of God, is actually of double meaning, and a misrepresentation of the life and true meaning of the house of God.  So I was very sad, as a man of God.

But I turned my back on this building (now we know it has a form of the cross on the outside, but doesn’t portray the inherent meaning of a true church) and when I walked away, then I felt I needed to bathe.  The Lord created in me a desire to bathe.

You know, this is what he does when he communicates through his prophets.  He makes them to be part of the message, and they even demonstrate it, because He makes them unconditionally the subject to effect prophetic actions that have His message.

Meanwhile, I wanted to bathe, but then I thought, “Where do I do it, or how?”  I remember battling with some thoughts, but then I found myself in this dream, with a basin before me.  Other details are not clear, but yet then, I undressed and I began to wash in the open with water and soap.

When I washed, there in the open field, as I was washing, the heavens opened and massive rain fell on the Land.  I repeat, as I was standing covered with the washing soap, the rain fell on the Land and it began to wash me all over, because the portals of heaven had been opened.

However, I saw some people running to take cover from the rains which had become so heavy and very, very powerful.  And so this is a very important conversation from the Lord concerning this Nation of Fiji that has been already shaken.

And I see issues of weight that this nation should deal with – things that the Lord sees as obstacles for his work in Fiji.

There is a clear contradiction in the church.  I don’t know why in this dream, when I approached the building, I heard the word from the LORD, and he spoke “foreign” and I thought the church was ‘foreign’ in terms of it being a missionary church sent to Fiji.  That may not be the case, as you can see, the church is living in contradiction, and it is seemingly not the true bride.

It is such that it is not even a house of God, but appear to be a recreational facility with nothing in it to say it is a voice in the land.  I knew they were in there doing their own things, and indeed that appears to be the condition, at the moment.

The LORD is loving this nation.  That is why, twice he has spoken about Fiji.**

But then the LORD is also saying, there is order He wants in His house, within the Church in Fiji.

He has seen all that the Church has pretended to be.  And the condition of this Church is the condition of the Church at the moment, world over.  We know the mixture therein.  We know the struggle of sin, negative prosperity, that people die to get at the expense of eternal and ever fulfilling food and false servants, which breed in the church.

The LORD is basically saying, the obstacles must be removed!  The hardships may well be viewed as an opportunity to return back to God in repentance.

Amazingly, the LORD is very ready and will heal this nation, ready with his healing and revival rain, to transform and create in this land, hope and make gains in true revival, the biggest revivals, never witnessed before.

The second level of obstacles is about the rottenness of Fiji as a nation.  I have seen another level also.  I see a forest, a very green forest.  There is also a valley, a small valley, and here I see satanic worship .

I think there is a river also, and I see traditional ways, the natives are worshipping their idols.  Literary, there is Satanism in both its modern and traditional blend.

We can even see political decay, which is not new to Fiji.  I see a strong resurgence of militant Islam, because I hear being said, “They are coming.”

However, with the type of revival the LORD has allowed me to see coming to Fiji, if she really gets prepared, then there is no enemy that can stand against this nation.

This revival is hanging and it is long overdue.  But let them prepare in Holiness and repentance to clean the house of God.  And then it shall be that God will open the heavens upon this Land and then all heaven shall be focused on Fiji, to heal her and use her as revival House for the others.

This can begin with anyone, or any people, willing for this.

I am even surprised that the youth of this Nation shall be used in this work of God.  Let it therefore be known in schools, in the universities of Fiji, in colleges and in the assemblies of the true bride, that God has preserved the strong wine for this nation.

I decree this word to be fulfilled to the letter.  Now the universities, the schools, the Christian Union groups in Colleges, the pastors, the evangelists, the prophets and even the Sunday school teachers, may get this Word from the LORD and literally run with it and begin to prepare for the rains that will heal Fiji, and lift it into a very lofty place, as far as latter visitations are concerned.

However, all this life of God , spoken on Fiji, demands preparation and ‘coming out’ as Christians, to allow the washing process.

Some, who have already missed the priesthood and higher callings need to draw back to the LORD and allow the healing hand of God touch them.

And so I decree, may the LORD help Fiji and may the Republic of Fiji begin to prepare, turn away from the Christianity of contradictions and embrace the coming rain of God.

**  See also:  “Prophetic Word for the Nation of Fiji


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo of Heart Revival Network International, Kenya is a Prophetic End-Time Minister of the Gospel, preaching in Crusades and open air Revival meetings. The LORD continues to show him the apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride, fit for the Wedding of the Lamb, as in Revelation 19:7-8.

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Huge Revival Coming to the Fiji Republic — 25 Comments

  1. The church instead of changing the world, has become the world. They have depended on the world for finances but trust not in the Lord. They brought the world into the church to fund their own selfish worldly ambition, instead of doing the Lord’s work, they think they are doing the work of the Lord.

    Revival will come when we heed the word of the Lord.

    His disciples said, “When will you become revealed to us and when shall we see you?”

    Jesus said, “When you disrobe without being ashamed and take up your garments and place them under your feet like little children and tread on them, then will you see the Son of the Living One, and you will not be afraid.”

  2. Thank you Lord for your precious LOVE to my beloved country…Halleluya to your name Lord