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I AM El Roi, the God Who Sees You! — 2 Comments

  1. Awesome loving Father, it is though right now, your words are speaking so clearly to me, of your Great love for me, as I continue to press, and press into your awesome promises, spoken over my life. I Praise you. I highly honor you in all your ways. I long to be in my heavenly home there with you. I have a work to do for you, I understand, and will complete till you come for me.
    I thank you. Justice due to me, confirming to me, Yes, Father, I hear you. I desire it to be done quickly, yet I know you are a God, of timing, a set time is near for me. I shall see the reward of the wicked, for you have outstretched your hands upon all my enemies from before me. I thank you for bringing me this far in you, for fighting for me, for a host of Angels, encamped round about me, for your joy, is my strength, to endure, and I shall come out without the smell of smoke. I thank you for your Glory, and Favor, upon my life, for I am the Head, and not the Tail, the lender, and not the borrower. I am who you say I am, wonderfully made, bought with a great price, called out of darkness into your marvelous light, seated with you in heavenly places. I love and adore you, for all and everything, you have called me to be, in you.
    Hallelujah, Glory, to your name on High. Amen !

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