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  1. Oh Father I have been so pushed down for so long. Moved in my 60s on own. Life has made me so lonely. Ive forgotten how to lard. Please father let this be for me. Please use me. U sd tonight I’d not made a mistake moving. Please father set me free to fly. U called me n u no wat for. But father I seem to keep missing it. Oh father please come n set me free. Ive learned to live(die) in this place of loneliness n its changing me from being bubbly n happy to being …well I don’t no wat. Please in Jesus name help me. U gave me a new name 28 years ago called me Hephzibah. I’m not meant to be here desolate n alone. Oh Jesus

    Edited I was going to put that I’m His eagle n then changed my text cos I thought it sounded proud but then I read the post. Now I’m claiming it for own amen

  2. Dear Jo Ellen

    I have cried so very much from reading this word as it speaks to my heart very deeply I am trusting that 2017 will be the beginning of the best years of my life. I pray that God would teach me how to have fun and enjoy life as I have no idea.

    Blessings to you Jo Ellen

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