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I AM Your Antidote — 4 Comments

  1. Just this past week I visited my mother who seems to love invalidating me and I was pleasantly surprised. She brought out all her most destructive arsenal some of which I have learned to expect. This time not one bit hurt me. My only concern was and is still for her twisted soul to be healed, even though she fought with herself only and told me never to communicate with her again, I know she can not deny the peace, truth and love I walked in. Thank you Lord Jesus. It seems the scars have shields of bouncy love.

  2. Interesting that words are plentiful but actions are few. One can say anything he or she chooses yet their actions do not coeincide with what they say.  The book of Psalms was written by David from his point of view. So many people quote it without understanding who David was. The damage has been done, this world has been turned over to Satan and unfortunately no matter what we say or do is going to change that until God decides to get involved.

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