I Bring Love And Peace

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The Mantles of this Season

As I think about our service at Shiloh today and the words He spoke.  I have thought back to previous words, He spoke of mantels, and I saw Him laying mantels upon many.

I think about the mantel of Shiloh that He laid upon my shoulders.  The seasons that we are walking through and into are touched by His hands.  Trust, faith he has given to us.

Day by day, as we walk this life He has given each of us faith, we are to put our faith in Him.

“The season My people, I call you into.  The season that stands before you, I prepare for you.

My children, My people, the love that rests upon you is great and mighty.  I bring new mantels, I rest mantels upon you.

I say pick up the mantels of old.  Many of you know the mantel you carry, many don’t.

As you walk, I will show you, I will teach you.  I will fill you with more.  So many stand in a place of dismay, confusion rests upon the places that are not taken over by me.

Right now I place My peace upon those areas.  Right now I pick you up and place you upon a new path.

I hear Him calling Victor, I placed a mantel of love upon you.  Victor, you know the day I placed it there, now My son, stop fighting what has been planted so deep.  Take it and spread it across your nation.

I call forth many, stop and realize what I have planted deep.  So many are paralyzed by the schemes of the enemy.  Right now I place My hand upon those who hide in fear. No more shall you rest in fear.

My hand breaks all fear, my love triumphs and takes over all fear.  My people, look at your neighbor and pour out what I have placed in you.  Never have I placed anger and hatred.

I sew love, My mantels are love.  My people trust and take My hand, for now the love spreads.

The mantels are huge, step forward and take hold, move in your calling My people.  And as you go spread My love and victory.”

I Bring Love And Peace

As I stand before this nation and watch the horrors and terrors My people do, I weep.

I weep, for I created love and unity.  I created you to be one with your neighbor.

I created you in love, love from Me to you.  Love for one another, to help and encourage.

To pour out on one another.  My hand created you, My lips spoke you into this world.

My people you stand and twist the words I have spoken.  You pour out hatred and not love.  You have torn down the kingdom I created for you to live in.

Oh My people, turn and see the darkness you have partnered with.  Turn and see the loss of love, for I smother you with my love.

Rise up you sleepy ones, wake up.  My heart it cries for peace and unity.  My hand it calls for victory and love.

Oh you weak ones stand up and be courageous.  For I bow my head in pain and sadness, for My people know not what they have done.  Turn and look to me, for I bring love and peace.”


~ Deb Zickafoose

Deb Zickafoose imageDeb Zickafoose



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