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I Shall Thunder on this Day! — 2 Comments

  1. Wow, Abba Daddy, the Greatest of All, as I read your words, Powerful Words spoken unto me this day, for it is what is happening to me Now. I give you All the thanks, highest of honor, in All you have spoken to me this day. I am Rejoicing Victoriously, this day of Jan. 30, 2017 is my day. Yes your words’ says indeed so you shall defend me. I hear your voice like a trumpet, calling me to you. I hear the Mighty thundering of your army, rising up. The Lord of host, shall defend me, you are defending me now as I speak it forth this day.
    I thank you for your arrows will go forth like lightning, destroying the works of darkness against me. Hallelujah ! Thank you Abba Daddy, for breaking every evil plan that rises against me. Yes Daddy, Yes, together we shall march in triumphal procession, for the demons flee in fear and trembling, when the God of Glory, thunders. Hallelujah !!!! this is so awesome for me, into my now.
    I fully receive your words of Power and Might this day. I decree I shall see them no more. Glory to God, we shall go forth in battle against all darkness arising in this hour. Hallelujah !!!!!!! I praise and honor you my King with joy, joy, joy.

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