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  1. Bev, look What I just saw in my weather notifications popped up just now!!

    “What Was the Eerie Light Seen in Night Sky Over Texas?


    South Central Texas residents saw a large streak of light leaving a trail across the sky before fizzling off with a sparkling finish around 10 pm Sunday. It was not a shooting star, which usually moves fast across the sky. It lasted for quite a while. It is believed to have been caused by space debris entering Earth’s atmosphere.”


    • Joyce,

      Cool. Believe God is about to show us many things we’ve not seen before.

      In the bible stars, I believe, are angels at times, warring in the heavenlies.

      God bless you! Bev

  2. Bev, as I read I felt the Spirit of the living God all over this article.
    I want to go back again, read and share with others.
    We Win and the enemy in the end will be silenced forever. Finally the devil and his unholy angels in the lake of fire.
    There is a lot of what Papa said to you was confirmation as I am hearing a lot the same.
    Beautifully alive our Jesus Christ is!
    I use to have a prayer partner a few years ago. I so miss her. As we two often prayed in my living room, I did warfare in tongues.
    She would see the visions of the heavenly fight going on and swords clashing!
    Sometimes I just get Homesick for the other side! I love you my sister. Many blessings this day.

  3. I will be looking for the flashes of light, Lord.

    You are always but a breath away from us, Lord.

    In You, Lord, do we place our trust.

  4. Martin,

    I believe your hope of others preparing at this time is on target.

    For we know there are many underground churches that are & have been prepared in nations coming against the LORD.

    I believe as people have watched the events around the world take place, that many have awakened & heard the LORD cry out to them & welcome them into His arms.

    I believe as judgment & revival spring forth that many more will come forth into the arms of Jesus. 

    I pray the Harvest workers come forth, as the fields are white & many are needed to help harvest the billion soul harvest prophecied by Bob Jones & others.

    Thank you for responding! God Bless you! Bev

    • Thank you for your reply, sister Beverly.
      The remnant, as mentioned in Isaiah 37:31+32, will emerge everywhere and will re-root and bear fruits.
      By the way – the word ‘Sardes’ means translated ‘remnant’ or ‘escaped ones’. I habe never known before.

      Thank you also for your prophetic Impuls, which I greatly appreciate.

      May the Lord bless you abundantly.


  5. Hallelujah and AMEN !!

    From 21-24 July there was a decisive conference of Jesus followers in the midst of Germany.

    The Name of this conference was ‘departure’.

    A remnant of the church in Austria, Switzerland and Germany is going to be prepared by the Lord for the times which are leing ahead of us.

    I hope and believe that in many other countries the same preparation of Jesus followers might take place NOW !

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