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“I Will Take You to New Heights!” — 7 Comments

  1. This message is music to my soul.  Today is Shavuot 2023 Gregorian calendar.  It is 6am.  I am sitting here talking to Father and praying that He hold me tighter than ever.  Please ABBA, strengthen my faith and resolve as I walk in your Torah.  I look to my right and to my left and notice that I walk alone.  I know that you Yahusha will never leave nor forsake me.  Down the road of life I see dark clouds forming.  Yet today the sun is breaking through.  Yahusha my redeemer, sancifier and King; lead me in paths of righteousness for your namesake.

  2. Awesome for me. Take me higher, higher, into your Glory Abba Daddy.
    I hear. I hear. I hear you speaking to me. Thank you. I praise you. I love, love, love you.

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