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If You Only Knew the Depths of The LORD’s Love for You! — 11 Comments

  1. This!
    These are the same words “ If You Only Knew the Depths of The LORD’s Love for You!” that I felt compelled to share to someone earlier this week. With a deep understanding from the Holy Spirit that THIS is where it ALL springs from! THIS is it. For truly – If we ONLY KNEW How greatly He loves us, we would Love Him back, with all that is within us .. with all our heart with all our soul, with all our mind, with all our strength. Oh May we know His Love! If ONLY WE KNEW!! His pursuit of us is greater than a man who pursues the woman he loves to the end of the earth!  He is in pursuit of his bride. We have hidden ourselves. Yet, let us not be afraid. At one glance of His love we will be smitten again. Let us have the courage to behold Him and to be sick with love for Him
    That we may be that bride, whose heart is pounding for her Beloved at His pursuit.
    May we remove the covering barrier that we have hidden behind, between us and Him, that has disallowed us from witnessing His pursuit of us, and allow ourselves to glance Him, and to behold Him, who loves us. We will be ruined for this world for the love that springs forth for Him.
    Lord help me remove this covering that I tried to hide myself from you. Let me behold You

    Thank you Veronika West

  2. Praise the LORD.  Thank you so much Veronica. I am in the midst of writing my book of remebrance with so many failures that the good LORD has sustained me through.  I needed this touch today.

  3. Oh my goodness so timely! Thank you. I’m printing this out lest my thoughts try to lead me down the path of inadequate feelings again!! I know this will speak to many but wow- this felt like God’s direct response to me and the many tears I shed this morning. God bless you.

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