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If You Think They Are Winning — Stop It! — 6 Comments

  1. We need to be watchmen for Donald Trump and America and that the U.S. people will turn back to God.  Did anyone notice that Trump was brought to court in holy week with a bogus charge brought by Cohen, and arraigned by Bragg so they could prosecute the man the left hates.  When Trump returned home, he was greeted by Trump supporters waving Trump flags.  This is much like when Jesus was betrayed by Judas, arrested, and brought before the deceitful Sanedrin so they could find evidence to put Jesus to death. 
    Thank you Prophet Ken Dewey, for posting the words of God as He gave them to you.  May God bless you on the mission God has called you to in the desert.  JRW

  2. Not one hour before reading this I was thinking to myself “I wonder if GOD cares what is going on here” and then realizing that if GOD does not care it is because there is nothing to care about. Then reading this word GOD confirms that indeed He does care and that is very good news.

  3. Thank you wise Desert Prophet for sharing this word from God.  The enemy will not prevail!  I stand and assume my rightful position!!!

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