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If You’re Born Again, Do You Still Sin? — 1 Comment

  1. Amen, great word!
    To believe in living a ‘sinless’ life while in the flesh is not just error but also blasphemy, for it assumes it is possible for a fleshly person to live like Jesus, when its Him alone who has ever done so, expanding the understanding of His divinity and power.

    To be aware of the flesh and the desperate need to submit and willingly participate in the process of conviction, repentance and recovery and walking anew in the Lords ways, is cruicial to the maturity of the man or woman of God.

    To hide from this process or deny the need of it is to deny the mighty works the Lord doe in our lives so that we may decrease and He may increase, this is how He does it, He takes us from glory to glory. Sin is nothing to be afraid of, the conviction of sin is something to be embraced for it indicates the Lord is pursuing a great work in us through this process, if only we allow Him.

    I wonder how connected the fear of man and the fear of sin are

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