“I create and I take time to do a good job in all that I do.  I’m recreating and restoring and resuscitating My Church that has become a heap of rubble of dry, dead bones in many places.

There are many who are alive and well, but there are many more who are dead and in need of NEW LIFE.  I AM illuminating the darkness.  I AM uncovering the darkness and exposing it to MY LIGHT.

My truth is a great equalizer.  It is a great weapon in your hands.  You have underestimated it’s use perhaps, but it is how you fight and as you declare it and proclaim it openly, without being shy or ashamed, it will bring LIFE into the darkness around you.

It will separate the darkness from the light in the minds and hearts of many people.  It is MY WORD that brings forth life.

And it is MY WORD that shatters the darkness.  I spoke forth words and it created new life in the beginning.  There is much coming from the mouths of My servants that only brings death and destruction.  But I WANT to bring forth SIGNS & WONDERS which come from preaching the GOOD NEWS.

“Is not My word like fire [that consumes all that cannot endure the test]? says the Lord, and like a hammer that breaks in pieces the rock [of most stubborn resistance]?  Therefore behold, I am against the [false] prophets, says the Lord,  [I am even now descending upon them with punishment, these prophets] who steal My words from one another [imitating the phrases of the true prophets],”    Jeremiah 23:29-30.

Light a fire in your camp by proclaiming the WORD. SPEAK TRUTH, and He Who is TRUTH will come down.  He is the Preeminent One.  He is the Alpha and Omega!  He is the KING OF KINGS, and the LORD OF LORDS.  At Him the mountains tremble.  Will you also not tremble at My word ?  Will you not bend to ME and to My will?  I tell you that the world, WILL BOW.



Speak what I have spoken. ASK and it will be given you.  Knock and the door will open.  Proclaim a shattering of the darkness, and it will be shattered. BEGIN to speak the WORD in agreement with what I SHOW you in it, and it will bring LIFE into the darkness; MY LIFE.  MY RESURRECTION LIFE.

I have given you weapons of warfare.  Now don’t be afraid.  I know you have waited a long time to see it.  I know it’s taken a while for breakthrough to come through.  NOW IS THE TIME to SPEAK INTO THE DARKNESS and proclaim what I SAID would happen.

Look at the scriptures in Daniel, Zechariah, Matthew.  What does it say?  Look at Revelation again.  What does it say?  Are you sovereign or AM I the SOVEREIGN ONE?

What you speak must agree with MY WILL.  So worship, listen, and speak.  It’s like the stop, drop and roll game of children in order to save them from burns.  Worship, listen, then speak!  It could save your life.

Take time to be quiet and LISTEN between the two.  Listen for the still small voice.  Don’t be in a hurry.  WAIT on me.  I AM coming with FIRE.  I AM going to burn up all that cannot withstand the test!  MY WORD IS LIKE FIRE. It will perform what I’ve given it to perform.  It will NOT return void.

You need to fire missiles into the camp of the enemy.  PROCLAIM VICTORY over the darkness.  Victory over fear, victory over violence that is around you.  Pray for MY PEACE to come down.  Pray for MY LOVE to come down.

Pray for MY PRESENCE to drive out the darkness.  I AM the All Consuming FIRE.  I will shatter the darkness, and upset the apple-cart of the wicked.  Not all that appears as it seems is truth.  THERE are lies upon lies that have been swallowed in this nation.  But I AM THE GOD OF TRUTH, and truth will triumph over the lies.  I will exalt the HUMBLE.

Lay down your life to gain life.  Lay it down beloved.  For it is only IN ME that you can have life.  In the world you will have tribulation I’ve said.  But IN ME, you have life.  Only MY LIFE brings life.  Only what I BEGET, brings life.  The birthing is now.  So come into your chamber and be with ME, for I am birthing NEW LIFE in you.

I AM with you.  I AM in you.  I AM expanding MY LIFE within you as you yield to ME your life.

Abrupt changes are on the horizon.  Do not get comfortable with the lies.  Do not be intimidated by the enemy.  Do not give in to FEARS.  Remember how Gideon’s men were disqualified due to fear and carnality.

CLING TO ME beloveds.  I AM not afar off.  I AM a God close at hand.  I have given you My Spirit and I AM releasing MORE oil, MORE wine.  Just come and drink.  I love you beloveds. I  will not leave you comfortless.  I AM your Shield.  I AM your HIGH TOWERI AM YOUR INVINCIBLE ARMY! ”

“”The Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hinds’ feet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering, or responsibility]!”   Habakkuk 3:19 AMP.


~ Priscilla

Priscilla Van Sutphin of Upstream Ministriesby: PRISCILLA VAN SUTPHIN of Upstream Ministries, California &
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