I’m Just Not Hearing From God Any More!


There is a lie, or perhaps better said, a misunderstanding, circulating among born-again Christians which goes something like this: “I’m just not hearing from God any more….”

Interestingly, the longer they have been devout born-again Christians, the more they seem to buy into this untruth.

The LORD has been showing me recently that this lie is not to be laid at the feet of the enemy — though he takes full advantage of it — but of ourselves, Christians.

The reason is, that this malady does not affect new Christians, but rather, the more mature ones.

As new Christians, we are all wide-eyed for signs and evidence of the LORD communicating with us, and that wide-eyed alertness, allows us to pick up on so much of what the LORD wants to communicate with us.

But as Christians mature, those ‘wide eyes’ appear to narrow down and focus on only one of the many means and ways by which the LORD communicates with us.

It is something which we have learnt unintentional over over the years, and which has also been taught to us, unintentionally.  Indeed, most of us are unaware how we have changed over time.

Listening to our more mature brothers and sister and the current Christian lingual franca they use, we heard them say or write: “I heard the LORD say…” or “The LORD says…” or “I sense the LORD saying…” or “He spoke to me…..” or any number of similar phrases which appear to infer the LORD’s communication with them was VERBAL and only verbal.

However, the fact is, while the LORD can and does speak to us in an audible voice, it is not the only way He speaks and in my personal experience, it is very rare indeed.

Our LORD is a creative God and He speaks to us in many and varied ways:

  • Dreams and Visions and Pictures.
  • Strong Impressions.
  • Feelings.
  • Prophecy.
  • Advice and counsel from others.
  • Circumstantial signs and situations.

Unfortunately, as Christians mature, we seem to unintentionally but effectively, abandon all these others methods which the LORD uses to communicate with us.  Instead, we basically focus solely on the expectation of the verbal, the ‘hearing from God‘, be it an internal or external audible voice.

As a result, we miss out on a whole lot the LORD wants to bring to our attention.

In my case, the LORD brought me back to read an HKP article I wrote a while ago, consisting mainly of the notes from Chapter 7, of The Alpha Course Manual, a course designed specifically for new Christians, as He showed me how important it is that we hear clearly from Him in this season.  So many recent and current HKP articles attest to that need in this season.

The previous article is entitled simply: “Hearing from God” and I urge you to read it.

May I humble ask that all Christians urgently seek to restore that wide-eyed expectation of our infancy in Christ, and look again for His communications all around us, with a wide-eyed amazement.

For when we do, we shall surely find them.

For in this season, and those seasons to come, we desperately need to hear clearly and fully, exactly what the LORD is communicating with us.


Blessings in Christ,
~ Angus MacKillop





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