“When the bells are ringing out celebrating the birth of My Son, do I ignore them because it’s the wrong day?  

I’m not as religious as many are in My church.  I love that you are celebrating Him and remembering what Christmas is supposed to be about.  It may have been a pagan holiday, but redemption was the plan.  Too many do not celebrate My son, but are caught up in the busyness, and Santa clause traditions, of man, so those who remember, those who celebrate, those who give out to others and charities, so that others are taken care of, I highly appreciate.

The worst thing is to be only self centered, to only think of yourself, and your own world.  Those who are called by My name should be the ones who role model My Son and His heart towards others.  So be aware when you are out and around for opportunities to demonstrate the gospel, that others may truly be impacted by My Spirit in you and through you.

In all the celebrations, remember that I am with you and in you and around you in everything you do.  I love you and I am FOR you and in the days ahead you are going to feel the impact of that in new and wondrous ways!  You will find such joy for as you share your heart with others, will I impart and cause a spark.  Keep on rejoicing in all you do, for I am inhabiting your praises and will spark fires and more fires the more you worship Me in all the fray.

The heaviness of the violence going on around you is to be thwarted by your praises.  Also take authority over areas where you know where it has or is going on, and intercede for your communities, and over your families and children, and grandchildren.  The enemy is looking to draw attention to the fear that is being perpetrated by his evil schemes.  You must use worship as a weapon of your warfare!

Dance and sing with your children, with your grandchildren.  Teach them to war with worship!  Teach them to war with the dance.  Teach them to rebuke demons.  Do not hide from them the tools they need.  I am riding on the wings of the wind this winter, and I will enhance your discernment as you worship Me, and I will release more revelation.

REJOICE and again I say rejoice!  The King is in your midst.”

Then the Lord reminded me of something I had forgotten the other night on the news about a tide coming in to Newport Beach called the KING tide.  It caused flooding in some areas.  But He had had me note what it was called.


–  by Priscilla Van Sutphin

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  1. 2 Corinthians 10:4 (NKJV)
    For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds,