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In Battle Array, I Rescue You! — 4 Comments

  1. AGAIN, thank you for your powerful words that summarizes it all. After re-reading it, I feel your love, understanding and knowledge even stronger. It is so precious that we fought together, and together we stand our ground, our birthrights, and in the places and tasks our GOD gave us. We stand together for the right to LIVE and to LOVE, for the right to speak and to write for righteousness, and for the right to point to GOD’s BEAUTY and the right to share the WORD OF GOD. Yes, we did and do this not for fame or money. We work and live for many, that they might see the ONE TRUE LORD JESUS CHRIST, and that they get saved. Sending you wholeheartedly blessings, also to all of my loving sisters, and also to the brothers.

  2. Thank you, dear sister. After hardest work over decades, my back aches, it is serious, and I am on pain pills and physio (not psycho!) therapy (I usually never take any pills) and got a week rest, maybe two, according the doctor’s opinion tomorrow. Truly, saints are getting weary, as it is foretold in His Word, what will happen in the last days. It is written in The Old and in The New Testament. BUT GOD is in control ! So I am very thankful for some rest.

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