In Battle Array, I Rescue You!


“It’s Daughters,” says The LORD, “it’s My daughters I AM raising up.  They have stayed before Me.

“Years upon years, daughters have clung together holding, many a group together, at times when many did not seem to care.

“I hear, have heard the pounding of your hearts.  I have seen you at the front of the many battles years long, your tears and much weeping have come up into My hearing,” says The LORD.

“I AM not slack in My promises, nor hearing My precious ones call.

“Do not fear nor ever believe I did not hear, this is your year, veils come down, yes I AM removing all blinding veils, a fresh new breeze will come to you.

“I have seen your weariness My dear daughters, do not believe a lie it is not about you, it is not what you have done or not done.

“I have seen, the accusing fingers pointing,and pointing directly at you.  I have seen each one of you, alone at your own personal altars, praying for one another in truth and doing everything you knew to do.

“Having done all you knew to do……..stand, with loins gird about with truth, “I said……”and you did!””

The Spirit of The LORD says,  “Now rest, for I AM about to visit you.  I have transitioned you in 2018, all the debris will soon clear and so will every enemy that has come near.

“I AM the ONE who’s leading.  I AM the ONE who is guiding each of you.

“Though it seemed for a moment I was not there, let me assure you even as My Word says I will never leave you nor for sake you, not anywhere, it was your accuser once again.

“I heard your prayers I saved your tears there is nothing more that you could do.  Turn to ME to REST and YEILD for all the rest is what I will do.

“Know this My daughters, do not be confused, I AM so very proud of you.  You are My lovely remnant tried and true.

“Do not stumble, stay very humble, My precious lambs, I do love you. Remember I said, I leave the 99 just to find you?

“The battle has raged long, not much wind for you, a breath here and there, but look again because there is a HURRICANE of My Spirit on the horizon coming to you and even greater than that, if you can imagine.

“You will rise again, having ridden upon the winds of change, having ridden upon the winds of transition and time and time again not a few.

“Prepare to arise, and not only a few, My daughters on the wind of My Spirit I will carry you through, not many will know, or even have an idea what you My dear daughters have been through.

“You are strong, you’re mighty in Me because it was I, and I alone who have built My attributes in you and My LOVE dwells in you to.

“I have had you My daughters do what many others would NOT do.  You stood, and you arose to your feet and in, and by your faith you followed Me through and through.

“A tough season, a challenging battle zone on every hand you were strong, you looked neither to the right nor to the left each one of you.

“I put you on the front lines and many, many times you had no songs, (if the truth were told).

“But I knew what you could do and what you would do, you fought in the battle to the DEATH of the wrong.

“Look up now, I, The LORD, am coming mighty and strong, in battle array, I bring strength, freshness and newness to you.

“Now the world will know why you do what you do.  Together we will fight, in a way this world never knew, with love and harmony we will lock arms and WE WILL walk right through.

“Though darkness prevails in this world below, there is a LIGHT they will see they have never known.

“Many will bow, My LOVE will be their portion, had they only knew.  Rescuing the perishing, that is what we will do.”

Amen and Amen!


~ Gail Manizak

Gail ManizakGail Manizak of The Power and Presence Ministry, is all about encouraging the Body of Christ as a Ministry of Intercession and contending for our communities, as a House of Prayer.


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In Battle Array, I Rescue You! — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you, dear sister. After hardest work over decades, my back aches, it is serious, and I am on pain pills and physio (not psycho!) therapy (I usually never take any pills) and got a week rest, maybe two, according the doctor’s opinion tomorrow. Truly, saints are getting weary, as it is foretold in His Word, what will happen in the last days. It is written in The Old and in The New Testament. BUT GOD is in control ! So I am very thankful for some rest.

  2. AGAIN, thank you for your powerful words that summarizes it all. After re-reading it, I feel your love, understanding and knowledge even stronger. It is so precious that we fought together, and together we stand our ground, our birthrights, and in the places and tasks our GOD gave us. We stand together for the right to LIVE and to LOVE, for the right to speak and to write for righteousness, and for the right to point to GOD’s BEAUTY and the right to share the WORD OF GOD. Yes, we did and do this not for fame or money. We work and live for many, that they might see the ONE TRUE LORD JESUS CHRIST, and that they get saved. Sending you wholeheartedly blessings, also to all of my loving sisters, and also to the brothers.