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  1. Amen.  Truth has no superlative. His Truth is Truth.

    I had always believed that we were ( only ) to pray that His will be done.

    For a period of days i was impressed to pray for one instructor “that he gets what he wants”

    There was no context given.  I refused again and again until i was worn out.  So ii said ok, i will trust You.  And i prayed “ that this college instructor get what he wanted.

    An opportunity came for me to ask if anything unusual had bern going on in his life durimg that time.  He related that he and his wife had been waiting to adopt, and received a phone call that a baby was available for them to adopt.  They were joyful to receive a baby, but he explained to me that still his wife was sad because she really had a strong desire to have a baby girl as their child.  And the strangest thing had happened— they later received another call, with profuse apologies from the worker, and were told that they vould not have the baby boy. ( i dont recall reason why)..  Instead, that they would have to take a baby girl— and apologized again for the unusual situation.

    he asked why i’d asked and i explained to him how i had struggled with a prayer for him.  That i had struggled against praying something.  But had finally given in and prayed.  He asked what i had prayed.  i explained that i, had prayed that he “ get what he wanted.”

    and told him that i had never prayed that for anyone else before him.

    instead i ( that i had recalled) had only asked that His will be done.

    it was a lesson for me, and came in a Christian college.

    Glad that you received from Him a needed view— and i trust he is using you to give freedom.  I am grateful for your annointing from Him.

  2. Amen brother. The Days of The Zadokite Priests (Ezekiel 44) And Elijah, i.e. EL IS YAH are about to begin!

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