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In the Middle of Our Storms “Immanuel” is With Us! — 5 Comments

  1. WOW !  God sent that Word and it pierced my very marrow of my body. I had briefly met someone who wanted to seek a relationship but as it turned out it was to be her substitute for her husband dying of Pancreactic cancer so after prayed and shared months now to get her through the tough times. Now she has made it through the depression, and gotten a job with good pay, she now wants to be left alone and live life. I felt a sense of abandondment but now realized a blessing from her and she filled a portion of my life momentarily, but now it is God alone with me, ane the money I spent to help her has left me empty financially but I know God will restore me and I am taken care of, it didn’t provide what I needed but it was a part of the plan of God and it will come about for God used me as an instruement of friendship and blessing. His ways are higher than ours and He has me in His hands. Love that message as an answer from the Almighty to my heart. Thank you dear.

  2. So well said, Mary. You sure covered every issue and truly we all have ‘our own storm’ in this time of unprecedented chaos in our states and country. I look forward to your next word about State of Colorado and US..Thanks for painting the perfect picture of where we are. I rejoice that HE never leaves us or forsakes us. He is preparing us to Hold to His unchanging hand and THE ANCHOR HOLDS in spite of the storm. Love and blessings, my frien, Sandi

    • I’m not pretending it’s in any way “easy” right now. It’s a daily, moment by moment of trusting God and learning to clearly hear each whisper, each nuance of His voice. Some find you “weird” or absolutely crazy for saying something like, “I’m just not at peace about something”, or— “I can’t watch that movie or read certain books.” It’s not about being rigid or legalistic! It’s honestly about not allowing the tentacles of humanism, occultism and communism to draw my attention away from the daily journey of learning about the height and depth and width of how much Jesus loves me and those around me. More of you Lord…. I so need more of you.

      • This word comes is right on time for me. Thank you for your obedience and I thank God for speaking into my storm. May God reassure all those who are facing a storm right.  God is so amazing

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