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Instructions Are a Way of Life — The Word of God Speak to Us — 6 Comments

  1. Joyce, you find the greatest songs! Never heard this one..so good! Indeed we must listen with our whole heart. I couldn’t agree more with Bev. You are God’s treasure full of golden nuggets!! Great is your reward, dear one. xoxo Sandi

    • Thank you much Sandi. The message we bring backed up by the Word of God needs to penetrate the heart.
      The songs often get our hearts ready to receive. That is my prayer, that it will work together. Love you my friend and sister.

  2. Joyce, Good sound teaching!  LOVE IT & SO TRUE. 

    I saw the LORD’S hand reach out to you. In His hands were nuggets of gold, all for you! 

    You reached out to take one. He said, “Oh no, not just one, but all.  They are all for you, for all the treasures you speak to My children & for the treasure you are to Me. You are My BELOVED TREASURE for the world.  Reach out for MORE! I have so much more, beyond your imagination!”

    Blessings! Bev

    • Bev, as I read of course it made me cry. The Lord is so beautiful and tender to His children! I thank you for the delivery of the mail.
      If people only sought after Him instead of the gods of this world. Still many are blinded by the deceitfulness of sin.
      God bless you, Bev and I honor you.
      The Lord spoke to me “It is My honor you are bestowing upon her child. She seeks for My very heart.”
      There are no play games about you. I love you sis

  3. So true sister Joyce.  Many lack spending qualjty time in the word for the renewal of minds, which is a powerful thing to have the mind of Christ. Many blessings to you and praying that this word will encourage many to be committed.

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