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  1. A prophet words given to an agent of change is that an angel called Chet follow them he provide the process of the Lord blessing are upon them to be the faith to change what they see around them by declares and decree as simple…
    “no more” change this now into God will be done heavenly interventionist of the words of past faith of all generation of time are Actively in motion in front of them as a faith blueprint are send up for more truth to undo lies fill in with
    God words to be real in new mindset are made for this world on all reality of tv, movies to friends families playout new mindset of Lord chosen agents of change… Pray for for agent of changing as evil is always whispered that not so bad let it slide this once what the harm lies
    We could help them by all saints to speak with them no more also this faith of miracle brothers and sisters flip a nation on knees of praise. Many Agree without a peep on understanding of silence is always a yes to all you see and hear
    ” in now time faith say no to all evil in all forums

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