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Is He Your Strength? — 7 Comments

  1. I completely surrender to you my holy holy father the lord God Almighty. Without you we are but dust on the ground, we have nothing and are nothing, we can’t take a breath without you holy father we can not blink an eye without you.  You are truly magnificent, glorious and phenomenal. Please father God almighty forgive me and all of us, I ask this in the name of Jesus christ almighty your only begotten son.
    Holy Holy Holy is the lord God almighty, blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord Hosanna in the highest Amen.
    I pray we all repent and believe and acknowledge that without you father we are nothing!

  2. Even further than acknowledging his weaknesses, Paul even boasted of them. Perhaps, we too need to come to this same position, before we will see the full work of Christ through us?

  3. YES!!! We all have the power of THE BLOOD OF CHRIST in us, so why aren’t we out there using this POWER to take down all evil authorities??? We don’t need worldly ammunition against them, we have the most powerful weapon on earth. USE IT!!!

  4. Thank you Veronica, I agree.
    Help me Father to rise above the lie of shame concerning my weaknesses into the position purchased for me by Jesus and in Him at Your Right Hand. I fix my face upon Yours like a stone, and when I waver, thank You for steadying me.
    I love You Abba Father

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